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Scenic spots(旅游景点)Introduction of scenic spots

Feiyun floor (飞云楼)
Feiyun building is located in dongyue temple, wanrong county, Shanxi Province. It is a pure wooden structure, known as "the first wooden building in China". Feiyun building for yuan Ming style architecture, 23.19 meters high, the whole building dougong densely covered, exquisite exquisite, and yingxian wooden tower and known as the "south tower north tower." Feiyun building appearance of three floors, the interior is actually five floors, the total height of about 23 meters.

The plane is square, the middle plane turns into a dog-eared cross, the outer circle is a corridor, the roof contour is changeable; The third floor is square again, but the roof is similar to the middle level, topped by a cross ridged roof. The roof of each floor constitutes the rich facade composition of feiyun building. Feiyun building volume is not big, but there are four eaves, 12 triangular roof side, 32 roof angles, floor wood surface is not painted, the whole body shows wood color. Feiyun building is the solution shop dongyue temple in the group of buildings on behalf of the people's saying there is a solution shop wanrong building, half inserted in the day.

Tour route introduction(线路介绍)

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