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Scenic spots(旅游景点)Introduction of scenic spots

The Great Wall(长城)
The Great Wall, also known as the Great Wall, was a military defense project in ancient China. The Great Wall is not a simple isolated wall, but a defensive system that takes the wall as the main body and combines with a large number of cities, barriers, pavilions and symbols.
The Great Wall is not just a single wall, but by the wall, watchtower, guan cheng, dun bao, ying cheng, wei suo, town watchtower and other fortifications composed of a complete defense engineering system. This defense engineering system is commanded and controlled successively by military command systems at all levels.

The Great Wall is an ancient defense project with the longest construction time and the largest construction amount in China and the world. Since the western zhou dynasty, the Great Wall has been continuously constructed for more than 2,000 years, covering a vast area of northern and central China with a total length of more than 50,000 kilometers.

Tour route introduction(线路介绍)

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